Colombia day 4

My name is Adam but people call me Bubba.

Had a little bit of down time Thurs morning so I worked out and watched Modern Family in English and The Simpsons in Spanish.  I gotta say that Modern Family is one of my favorite shows that is currently out.  Every single character in that show is a trip, but I especially enjoy Mitchell and Cam.  They are hysterical.  If you don’t watch Modern Family, you should.  And believe it or not, The Simpsons are still funny in Spanish.  That crazy Bart.

Tough day on the course Thurs, great day on Fri.  Hit the ball great, putted great, looking fwd to the next event!  Learned a lot of great things to build on, and ready to tee it up again soon!

I cannot say enough about how friendly and fun the people of Colombia are.  There is a shuttle that runs from the hotel to the course and we have be-friended the driver, a beautiful lady about 50 years old named Nadia (btw, isn’t that the name of the brunette exchange student from American Pie?)  She speaks about 10 words of English and I speak about 10 words of Spanish, so the conversations that we have are hysterical.  She is very sweet, and she either likes us a lot, or else she thinks we are total idiots.  Probably the latter.  We have laughed and laughed with her on the short ride to the course each day.

Also there are a lot of cool little guys out at the course.  There is a bi-lingual school here in Bogotá and there must be some program to get the kids out to this tourney b/c both days there have been a buncha little guys (maybe 10 years old) following us around.  They speak English perfectly.  They have really been pulling for Dusty who is always very nice to them, even goes out of his way to give them high-fives and sign autographs for them.

There are a lot of young male caddies here too.  These jokers speak zero English, but it is still fun to communicate with them.  I have found this week that you can convey a lot with hand motions, a few words in Spanglish, and a smile.  These little kids are great.  There is a story I’ve heard from last year where a Nationwide player tipped his local caddy $600 for loopin for the week, the caddy broke down and cried and cried and cried and later that day brought his family out to the course to thank the player.  This story brought a tear to my eye.  It reminded me of a story that Brown Dennis told in my Sunday School class a week ago about a little girl who softened the heart of her Daddy.  I wish I could give these guys some money to help them out, and I will give them a little before we leave, but I am actually in need of somebody to give me some money, so not sure I can help that much!

I have buddied up with some of the other Nationwide caddies and will probably room with a crew of them next week in Panama.  That course is supposed to be real tight and it’s supposed to be real hot down there.  I would love to see the Panama Canal.  I know that sounds kinda cheesy, but if there is an opportunity to check that out, I’m in.

I met a beautiful Colombian chica named Maria yesterday.  She worked the front desk at Country Club de Bogotá.  She spoke about 75% English (which is plenty for me) and she helped me get some food at the course (obviously, she knows the way to this Gringo’s heart!  ha).  We chatted for a long time and I was looking fwd to seeing her today.  I was going to ask her to dinner and cervesas tonight, but alas, she was nowhere to be found today.  Guess I should have pounced on that idea sooner rather than later, but I reckon I was just tryin to be smooth.  Oh well, another backfire with a female.  I’ll add Maria to my long list of heartbreakers!

Can’t wait to see my little dudes next week!  Not sure what kind of trouble we will get into, but I’m sure we will do whatever they want, and have a blast doing it!

Not many pics from the last couple of days.  Obviously no cell phones are allowed during the tournament, but I’ll try to take a few later and put them up.  It is so beautiful here, definitely no shortage of photo op’s.

Since I don’t have any new pics to post, check out this pic from Aberdeen.

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Hasta Luego de Bogotá!

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